G&O's intervention in this area is characterized by the coordination of all actions aimed at obtaining the Construction License Permit.

G&O's involvement in this area is characterised by the coordination of all actions aimed at obtaining the Construction Licence Permit. In this sense and according to the contractual conditions of the team of designers, we organise the delivery of all documentation and the respective monitoring of official entities, including Municipal Councils and concessionaires (EDP, SMAS, EPAL, ANPC, DGS) and all the entities related to the Project concerned.

In this phase, we support the Project Owner and the Team of Designers in defining the best strategy related to the City Council Proceedings, be it Licensing Projects, Prior Communications or Alteration Projects, among others.

All these actions are recorded in a specific document and entered into the Quality Management System (QMS) so that any request or liability is verified and / or guaranteed in a quick and effective way.

In order to obtain the Construction Licence Permit, the Permit from the company selected during the Market Sounding is required, as is the associated documentation from the responsible technician thereof. For this reason, the process for obtaining the Construction Licence Permit must be performed in parallel with the licensing procedures.

Once the above points have been satisfied and the Construction Licence Permit has been obtained, the conditions for the beginning of the works are created along the lines that we will shortly describe in the article "Implementation of the Work".

The Licensing process will end with the actions of obtaining the licence to use, following the completion of the Work, under the terms of the Provisional Acceptance Certificate provided for in the Works Contract.

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