Guarantee Period

After the Provisional Acceptance Certificate, G&O starts monitoring the Guarantee Period associated with what has been built or rehabilitated. At this stage, our activity is guided by the  following strategy: 

➡ Inspection of what has been built or rehabilitated, before the signing of the deed; 

➡ Promotion of the resolution of anomalies, if any  are recorded, before the signing of the deed; 

➡ Receiving and handling complaints after the  signing of the deeds; 

➡ Analysis of complaints, in terms of defining  whether the nature thereof relates to misuse, lack of maintenance or even  poor or deficient construction / rehabilitation and acting accordingly, in view of the Developer's absence of liability and / or the contractor's  liability under the Work Contract. 

All the actions described are recorded in specific documentation, allowing them to be submitted to the developer and filed. The Guarantee Period and the monitoring of G&O ends after the signing of the Final Acceptance Certificate provided for in the Work Contract. 

Contact us trough our form or send us an email to geral@gestaodeobras.pt for more information.

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