Message from the Director
With its activity focused on the area of ​​Project Management and Technical Consultancy, G&O - Gestão de Obras ensures a personalised service through an experienced, skilled and rigorous team, based on quality certification and providing advice and support to developers.

In global terms, we direct our activity towards actions that mitigate the “halo of non-compliance”, with which society in general catalogues the field of ​​Civil Construction. No project lasts without integrated and properly coordinated management, which is capable of performing an adequate market sounding, coordinating and supervising the implementation of the works and performing the subsequent monitoring of the responsibilities of the developer and contractor, throughout the guarantee period.

With the experience accumulated over the years, we base our activity on the following maxims:
• Providing credibility to the field of construction, removing the non-compliance "label";
• Valuing the acts of designing and building as an asset in future construction, in order to comply with the parameters of time, costs, quality and safety;
• Always developing actions with the mobilisation of the responsible culture of the parties involved in the construction process.
The quality of the work developed is based on the unconditional compliance with factors such as cost, time, quality and safety. These are achieved with the definition of the best strategies and lines of action, based on action planning and respective valuation, oriented towards the fulfilment of the objectives defined for each specific case.

With our headquarters in Lisbon, we develop our activities across mainland Portugal and the islands, having a variety of customers which include the banking sector, investment funds, municipalities, foreign investors and other private developers.

The diversity of actions with which we are confronted and the success obtained is also based on the trust we have in our partners and employees, in the functional and shared organisation of all information and in rigorous and secure data processing, supported by procedures and documentation inherent to the structure of the quality management service.

With the premise that all projects are different from each other, we interpret the needs of each of our customers on a daily basis, making available all of our vast professional experience and our means to achieve their goals.
Engº Teixeira Pires
G&O General Manager – Gestão de Obras
G&O's mission is to provide Project Management and Technical Consultancy services, providing its customers with a quality service, based on the analysis of and compliance with cost control, deadlines, quality and safety parameters. In order to fulfil this objective, the company's employees have the skills, rigour and experience necessary to provide the services offered, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.
G&O - Gestão de Obras intends to be a benchmark par excellence within the sector, seeking to create value through a dynamic and proactive attitude that is focused on new ideas and solutions, always aiming to achieve the customer's objectives.
There is a set of fundamental values ​​that define its identity, and which guide the actions and behaviours of its employees. These values ​​constitute a set of principles and standards of conduct that determine how the company provides its services and how it presents solutions to customers. These values ​​are based on:
• Integrity
G&O is determined to always abide by high standards of integrity, based on parameters of high rigour and transparency. These are inalienable assumptions in the relationship established with customers and business partners;
• Demand and Expertise
G&O believes that the key to success lies in the recognition of its skills and in the experience of a true culture of demand, always calibrated to each specific case and always first and foremost with the Project Owner;
• Rigour
G&O always implements actions that lead to effective performance, with high levels of professionalism and competence, assuming responsibility for decisions at an individual and organisational level, fulfilling commitments to customers, employees and other interested parties.
In parallel with this line of conduct, we always act with a method that we characterise as follows:

• In view of each situation, we define a strategy and planning that will form the basis for the following phases to control costs, deadlines, quality and safety;
• Creation of a methodology for systematic recording of all actions and objectives, for responsible monitoring of compliance therewith;
• Actions implemented based on credibility.
Quality Policy
G&O - Gestão de Obras is a company certified by NP EN ISO 9001:2015 for the activity of providing Project Management services within the field of ​​Civil Construction and Technical Consultancy.

In a policy of continuous improvement, we use procedures duly adapted to the challenges posed in each project, as well as the legal requirements applicable to our activity.

We encourage a strong performance from our employees and service providers, based on the implementation of the procedures of the Quality Manual, associated with continuous training and adequate supervision in terms of the performance required.
Founded in 1987 by a group of professionals from large companies with activities within the field of ​​Project Management, G&O commenced its activity by getting involved in the Industry of Civil Construction and Public Works, Planning, Management of Civil Construction Works, Engineering Projects and Real Estate Brokerage.

From 1987 to 2010, it focused on Project Management and carried out several works of a commercial, hospital and industrial nature, as well as undertakings linked to Real Estate Investment Funds.

In 2010, G&O created a Technical Consultancy area as representatives of the Project Owner for dealing with city council and concessionaire proceedings, thus unblocking procedures until the normalisation of their licensing, be it for buildings or plots of land.

In 2012, work for real estate investment management companies was given priority, with joint Project Management and Technical Consultancy actions, and this year G&O obtained the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification for the Quality Management System.

With the Quality Certification, G&O redefined the basic functions of its activity, focusing on Project Management and Technical Consultancy.
Based on the development and deepening of the procedures associated with Quality Certification, we promoted the creation of a networked computer system that allows access and sharing of management elements related to production, marketing, economy, supervision and human resources. This not only standardised the system and its use, but also enabled G&O's area of physical operations to be expanded throughout mainland Portugal and on Madeira.

The system implemented evolved until 2018, with the extension of our intervention with customers associated with foreign investment.

In 2019, with the experience accumulated and maintaining the core areas of Project Management and Technical Consultancy, we developed actions to respond to other needs, including foreign investment, managing to streamline actions in the fields of real estate appraisal, project implementation, support to economic analysis and sources of financing and fiscal framework.

At the same time, and in order to achieve responsiveness and breadth, we organised commercial actions with specific entities and business areas such as:
• Student residences;
• Senior residences;
• Renewable Energy;
• Sustainable Construction.
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