G&O wishes Happy Holidays

The end of one more year is always time for reflection

About the challenges that we overcame, with whom and how we related,  helping us to perspective what will be our future.

G&O – Gestão de Obras is grateful for all confience demonstraded to  our Team, in straight teamwork for the Projetcs that we have followed troughout  2020, being prepared to ensure the continuity of the work developed. We think about all the obstacles we overcame, but most importantly, the  people with whom it was possible.

To our clients, we thank you for trusting in our team and the partnership we  developed through this year.

To our employees, in the face of an incredibly challenging year, we thank  you for the dedication and commitment you demonstrated on the projects that  were at your responsibility.

To our Business Partners, thanks for all the effort  and commitment shown in the cooperation developed in all the Projects in which  they were involved.

On behalf of G&O – Gestão de Obras, let us celebrate  the achievements of 2020 and the challenges that will follow in this new year  of 2021. We wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy new year.

Teixeira Pires / G&O – Gestão de Obras


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