Coordination and Supervision
Once the conditions have been created for the start of construction works, the Coordination and Supervision phase begins.

In the previous article we published the Market Sounding process developed by G&O, which ends when the Project Owner makes the decision to contract the services of a specific Contractor/Builder. 

The commitment that G&O assumes involves, in  the initial stage, confirming the entire proposal submitted with the  competitor, such as the unit values presented and the associated  documentation, including the issues related to the Works Contract. The  draft of the Contract is one of the documents that form part of the Market Sounding phase, and is always available to competitors, in accordance with article Project Owner.

G&O promotes the beginning of the Project's  implementation phase with the signature of all parties (Project Owner, Supervision Team and Contractor) of the Consignment Notice, under the terms provided for in the Works Contract signed. This document dictates the beginning of the works. 

The Coordination activity is linked to all  interventions that are not included in the Works Contract with the Builder  and that may prevent full compliance therewith. For example, electricity, water  and / or sewage infrastructure, which may not be part of the contract. 

The Supervision activity aims to ensure  compliance with the fundamental parameters in the implementation of the work, such as Deadline, Cost, Quality and Safety. 

All G&O's activities are based on the  procedures established by the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and Quality  Management System. In this way, we are able to guarantee the correct  follow-up and compliance with the defined actions, monitoring of the work during the period of its  implementation, according to the defined objectives, ensuring: 

➡ Control of compliance with the Implementation  Deadline; 

➡ Cost Control; 

➡ Quality control of materials and work  implemented; 

➡ Health and Safety at Work. 

➡ Monitoring is performed based on the minutes of  weekly meetings and monthly reports regarding the development of the works,  according to what is contracted with the Contractor / Builder. 

With a fixed weekly agenda, the meeting takes a  systematic approach to the following areas: 

➡ Project; 

➡ Work plan; 

➡ Economic Control; 

➡ Quality Control; 

➡ Health and Safety at Work; 

➡ Miscellaneous (City Council Proceedings and  Others); 

The monthly reports deal with the evolution and development of the execution of the works, so that the Project Owner and/or other entities involved in the process can follow-up its development.

The Provisional Acceptance Certificate is related  to the conclusion of the contract works and all supporting documentation,  such as the Record Drawings and Compilation of Technical documentation, among others. These documents are indispensable for monitoring the Guarantee Period, City Council Proceedings and preventive maintenance procedures. 

Continue reading in our next article to talk about the Guarantee Period. Contact us trough our form or send us an email to geral@gestaodeobras.pt for more information.

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