Integrated and coordinated project management
The success of each project depends on integrated and properly coordinated management that requires an adequate sounding of the market, coordination and supervision of the implementation of the works and an effective monitoring of the responsibilities of the developer and the contractor.
The excellence of our work is based on several factors, including cost, quality and safety, which are only achieved thanks to the implementation of the best strategies and respective lines of action”.
Project Implementation
- Organising the selection of designers, through the preparation of the sounding.
- Drafting contracts with designers.
- Monitoring the evolution of the various phases of project implementation.
- Promotion and monitoring of approval with official entities.
Market Sounding
- Compilation and verification of sounding processes.
- Preparation of sounding programmes and definition of sounding planning.
- Establishment of companies to sound.
- Launching the sounding and providing the clarifications requested.
- Reception, interpretation and preparation of comparative proposal maps.
- Proposal analysis report and proposal for decisions.
- Customer support in decision-making and contracting.
- Support in the signing of the works contract and organising of the signature of the Consignment Notice.
Coordination and Supervision
- Control of implementation deadlines and costs.
- Quality control in construction, whether in the receipt of materials or in the final result following application.
- Development of occupational health and safety actions.
- Issuance of provisional acceptance certificates.
- Processing of city council and concessionaire proceedings
Guarantee Period
- Identification of anomalies, analysis and resolution.
- Signature of the Final Acceptance Certificate.
- Preparation of final reports.
Other Services
We take care of tasks such as the development of technical-economic analysis reports and the definition of action strategies, when faced with specific situations.
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