Project Owner and Project
We must assume Project as a set of one or more works, whose objective is the production of certain product (s) or service (s).

When it comes to Project Management for Civil Construction, we must assume Project to mean a set of one or more works, the objective of which is the production of (a) certain product(s) or service(s). It is a sequence of unique, complex and interconnected activities, based on an objective / purpose – scope – restricted to a certain period of time and within a budget according to specific parameters, which must be previously defined. The common word that could replace this term is Work or Contract.

With 35 years of existence, G&O - Gestão de Obras regulates its activity based on the ISO 9001 certification acquired in 2012, an activity consolidated by its ample experience within the sector, demonstrating an unequivocal knowledge of the construction process in Portugal.

The diagram below shows the Project Management approach that G&O uses to present and contextualise the construction process to its customers and partners.

The G&O Project Management service encompasses all the phases presented, from the beginning of the design, licensing (left side of the image), implementation (right side of the image) to use, included within the Guarantee Period. In this article we will focus solely on the customer. The Project Owner.

The Project Owner is the person or collective entity, which we designate as the developer, who has the responsibility of defining what is intended to be build, based on the intended return on the investment and the characterisation thereof based on the following points:

➡ Technical parameters associated with the intended use;

➡ Investment amount in relation to the intended profitability;

➡ Implementation period;

➡ Definition of the supervisory structure necessary to support and develop the project;

➡ Availability to develop work in close collaboration and coordination with the team of designers.

G&O mainly operates within a private context in new construction or rehabilitation, representing Real Estate Investment Funds, Banks and other private developers with real estate assets, whether in the Housing, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Health or Industrial fields. Contact us trough our form or send us an email to geral@gestaodeobras.pt for more information.

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