After clarifying the objectives set out by the Project Owner for the project in question, it is necessary to start the cycle related to all phases of the preparation of a project that includes the definition of the basic programme, preliminary study, draft and respective licences with the concessionary entities and municipal councils. This whole process will lead in parallel to the preparation of the respective implementation projects, thus constituting all the steps for the Market Sounding.

The constituent documents of each of these project phases are made up of:

➡ Drawings: The drawings must be done in accordance with the usage parameters defined by the Project Owner, respecting the regulations and applicable legislation.
Regardless of the personal / professional touch that the team of designers can create, all these factors will have to be coordinated with the Project Owner, so that each phase of the project corresponds to the approval of the previous phase. In this way, documents that embody the necessary coherence between what is intended and what can be approved by official entities will be achieved.

➡ Written Documents: The written part is complementary to the drawings, consisting essentially of the Project Brief, technical, general and / or special conditions and Contract Specifications. Thus, the generic description of the recommended solution will be included in the project in order to satisfy the legal and regulatory provisions in force and the technical specifications of the materials used in each of the specialties, whether Electrical Installations, Sewers, Gas, Waste Water or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning);

➡ Measurements and Bill of Quantities: This document is extremely important, since it gathers all the measurements, quantities, nature of the works inherent to the implementation phase of the work and the respective budget estimate.

In short, a Project must consist of written documents, drawings and measurements.

The work performed by G&O in this phase is to ensure that the Project Owner has all the elements that will enable the promotion and approval of the Licensing of the Project in question, with the official entities and concessionaires. Check our next article when we will address the subject of Project Licensing.

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